Ustream.TV to Provide Online Coverage of YearlyKos Convention

Ustream.TV, a online video platform, will provide LIVE interactive video coverage from the YearlyKos Convention August 2nd-5th in Chicago. There will be 3 cameras set up to cover all the various panels and keynotes. Nearly wall to wall coverage will be provided from Thursday through Sunday.



The YearlyKos Convention in Second Life (YKSL) will stream video of keynotes and let you attend breakout sessions where you can watch speakers in real time and submit questions to them, just as if you were in Chicago! They’ll also have panels that take place exclusively in Second Life. They’ll have hospitality suites, an exhibit hall and meet-up areas for you to sit down, virtually, with the friends and allies you’ve made.Register today either through Second Life or your web browser. For more information, check out NOTE:  There is no charge for signing up for basic Second Life.   There is a $25.00 donation for registration for YKSL. 

Fein Calls for Bush Impeachment

Via Scienceblogs (of all places!!)

 Bruce Fein, a very well respected conservative legal scholar and Reagan’s Deputy Attorney General, has officially called for Bush to be impeached for what he calls “political crimes against the Constitution.” He did so on Keith Olbermann’s show last night (here’s the full transcript):

OLBERMANN: Do you think this president needs to be impeached?FEIN: Yes. I think the founding fathers intended the impeachment threshold to be satisfied if there were political crimes against the Constitution, against our checks and balances and separation of powers. Those are the mechanisms, what you might call the scientific method for staying on an even keel, avoiding folly and abuses. And I think that President Bush over the years has crippled that mechanism. 


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We’re Back!!

Our old home at just wasn’t working anymore, so we had to find a new place for ppp.  The learning curve here is not too bad, so I’ll see if I can get ppp up and running again.