Senate (and House) Democrats Give Bush and Gonzales Blank Check to Listen In

The following Democrats voted for it:Evan Bayh (Indiana); Tom Carper (Delaware); Bob Casey (Pennsylvania);Kent Conrad (North Dakota); Dianne Feinstein (California); Daniel Inouye(Hawai‘i); Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota); Nancy Mary Landrieu (Louisiana);Blanche Lincoln (Arkansas); Claire McCaskill (Missouri); Barbara Mikulski(Maryland); Bill Nelson (Florida); Ben Nelson (Nebraska); Mark Pryor(Arkansas); Ken Salazar (Colorado); Jim Webb (Virginia). Tell me again why we worked to elect some of these people?  Was is so we could watch them fritter away our basic civil liberties?   With these votes, Bush gets exactly what he wants–no restraint whatsoever on his ability to monitor your conversations of all types—not even the fig leaf of the secret FISA Court for prior review.   UPDATE:  House Democrats  caved in as well, anxious to be off on their vacations and cowering in fear before Republican threats that the Dems would be called “soft” on security.In the final vote, 41 Democrats joined all but 2 Republicans in backing the measure; 181 Democrats opposed it. The measure is supposed to expire in six (6) months and Speaker Pelosi says there will be reconsideration.  “Speaker Pelosi”  –that’s right, the House has a Dem majority and they have no excuse for passing this rubbish.  When will these people discover their back bones?  

The roll call vote for the surveillance bill can be found at:

S. 1927: “Protect America Act”  –when are the Dems going to get wise and stop the Repugs from calling their attacks on our civil liberties such names?


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