Lockrow Is Delaware Democrats’ New Chair

Posted in County Committee on September 27th, 2007 by Cynthia Lockrow

DELHI — Delaware County Democrats will have new leadership for the next two years, as the result of an election at the county committee’s Sept. 26 meeting.

The committee selected Cynthia “Cindy” Lockrow, who most recently has chaired the town of Stamford Democratic committee, as chair of the county committee. She defeated incumbent William Buccheri of Roxbury, 44-34.

After being elected, Lockrow told those gathered, “I want to give everyone a chance to be heard.” She also promised that she would visit every town committee, and will be actively attending town committees’ functions.

She also remarked, “I want to put a structure in place to help our candidates, both for town offices and those who also are running this year for (Sixth District) Supreme Court seats.” Those three candidates are Molly Fitzgerald of Broome County, Donald Cerio of Madison County and Richard Rich of Chemung County.

Lockrow said that one of her goals will be to build, or in some cases rebuild, committees in towns where committees have been either non-existent or inactive. She has been an active member of the county committee’s recruitment sub-committee, and was a prime mover in the resurrection of the Stamford town committee three years ago.

Lockrow also indicated that she plans to have that, and other sub-committees, play major roles in the work of the overall county committee. This, she opined, “should allow (regular) meetings to move along more smoothly, and finish more quickly.”

The county committee also elected Dawn Rivers Baker of the town of Sidney as first vice chair, Thomas E. Schimmerling (a former county chair) as second vice chair, and Lisa Tait of the town of Middletown as secretary, and re-elected Andrea Paternoster of Walton as treasurer.

Text written by Tom Coddington, Andes Committee Member


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