Vote Democrat in Delaware County-New York

The Delaware County Democratic Committee is proud to present a total of 31 qualified candidates, in 11 towns, all of whom have a great interest in bettering their respective communities, for election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. We hope that you have had the chance to meet the candidates in your town while they have been campaigning, and that you will consider pulling their levers on Row A, when you go into the voting booth.

The candidates are as follows:

Andes _ Town Council, four years, Dale Cole and Fred Cubero.

Bovina _ Town Council, two years, Evelyn Stewart; Superintendent of Highways, Edward Weber.

Davenport _ Supervisor, Dennis Valente; Superintendent of Highways, Joseph Jarvis Jr.

Hamden _ Supervisor, Wayne Marshfield; Town Council, Ben Krom-Braen.

Hancock _ Town Clerk, Melody Oliver; Town Council, William Weyrauch.

Meredith _ Supervisor, Keitha Capouya; Town Council, Ronald Bailey and Daniel Birnbaum; Town Clerk, Betsy Clark; Town Justice, Nejla Camponeschi; Collector, Louise Utter.

Middletown _ Town Clerk, Russell Schebesta; Town Council, Brian Sweeney; Town Justice, Gary Rosa; Superintendent of Highways, William Russell; Assessor, Gary Marks.

Roxbury _ Supervisor, Thomas Hynes; Town Clerk, Diane Pickett; Town Council, Edward Raeder and Stephen Walker; Collector, Joan Moore.

Stamford _ Supervisor, Kelly Keck; Town Council, Barbara Doyle.

Walton _ Town Council, Richard DuMond Jr.

On the ballot, you will also find three races for Supreme Court Justice in the 6th Judicial District, which includes Delaware County. We have three very well-prepared and experienced lawyers who would appreciate your vote for this very important position. The candidates _ Donald Cerio, Molly Fitzgerald and Richard Rich _ have committed themselves to being of service to Delaware County and the entire 10-county district.

Cynthia Lockrow


Lockrow is chair of the Delaware County Democratic Committee.


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