Australians Reject Bush Buddy Howard

Kevin Rudd and the Australian Labor Party have swept to a landslide victory over John Howard’s Liberal Party-National Party Coalition.  Howard, one of Bush’s last foreign supporters, even lost his own riding. Rudd has vowed to roll back so-called “Work Choices” legislation, a centerpeice of Howard’s domestic policy, and to bring Australian troops home from IraqRead More.  


Life for the Elderly in Bush’s America

This piece on Maine from the NYTIMES on how badly off many of our elderly are this winter, makes one wonder where are the two Republican US Senators, who vote with Bush on so many issues?Can’t they exert any influence on their “compassionate conservative” leader?

Spitzer in Oneonta (NY) Tomorrow 11-20-07



We’ve just received word that Governor Elliott Spitzer will be

spending some time in Oneonta tomorrow afternoon. He is scheduled to

arrive at the Foothills Performing Arts Center, on Market Street; and

should arrive between 1:15 and 1:30 p.m.


Governor Spitzer will be talking about economic development in

upstate New York. It’s expected to be a pretty brief appearance,

running perhaps less than half an hour. This is a public event (as

opposed to a Democratic party event) but all DCDC members are urged

to attend, if possible.


If you have any questions, you can send an email to either me

( or Cindy Lockrow

( tonight or tomorrow morning.


Hope to see you there!


Dawn Rivers Baker

1st Vice Chair

Fitzgerald Wins 6th J.D. Supreme Court Seat

The Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton) is reporting that Molly Fitzgerald will be the second Democratic woman elected to a NYS Supreme Court seat in the 6th J.D. of New York.  Her nearest opponent has conceded.  Congratulations to Judge-Elect Fitzgerald!!***The vote won’t be official until next week, but Schuyler County District Attorney Joseph G. Fazzary on Thursday afternoon conceded a close Supreme Court justice race to Molly Reynolds Fitzgerald, a Binghamton attorney.Fitzgerald, a 46-year-old Democrat, will be the third woman elected justice from the 10 counties comprising the 6th Judicial District.Election officials across the region counted thousands of absentee ballots Thursday, but results from more than half of the counties in the district won’t be final until next week, election officials said.As of Wednesday, Fitzgerald led Fazzary, a Republican, by just 301 votes, unofficial tallies indicated. But as the count progressed on Thursday, Fazzary conceded the race, saying the count to date was in Fitzgerald’s favor.  ***Read Entire Article 

Faux News Hypocrisy

Gov. Spitzer’s Entire Statement on DMV and Illegal Immigrants

I’m watching CNN and they cut live to Spitzer’s statement; until he starts explaining why his proposal made sense and how the Repugs are playing their “fear” card yet again.  CNN abruptly leaves the statement and ends with a snide smile that the program didn’t have a chance politically.  CNN is just FoxLite these days. *** This morning I traveled to our nation’s capital to announce that I am withdrawing my proposal. I chose to make this announcement in Washington, because ultimately, my original proposal was a response to the fact that the federal government has lost control of its borders, has allowed millions of undocumented immigrants to enter our country, and has no solution to deal with it. When the federal government abdicates its responsibility, states, cities, towns and villages still have to deal with the practical reality of that failure. Governors, Mayors and chiefs of police in every state face that reality every day in schools, hospitals, and on our roads. In New York, that reality means one million undocumented immigrants, many of whom are driving without a license and without insurance, live in the shadows — out of reach of law enforcement. A consequence of the federal failure to address illegal immigration is that Americans and New Yorkers are demanding a comprehensive solution. Piecemeal reform, even if practical, is unacceptable. It fails to address the many important, competing interests and values. I underestimated that sentiment in putting forward this proposal.I continue to believe that my proposal would have improved an unsatisfactory situation. But I have listened to the legitimate concerns of the public and those who would be affected by my proposal, and have concluded that pushing forward unilaterally in the face of such strong opposition would be counterproductive. Beyond the crisis of illegal immigration that I have tried to address in some small way, please allow me this brief observation about another crisis – the crisis of political discourse in this country that was on full display these past two months.While people of good faith opposed my plan for fair reasons, some partisans unleashed a response that has become all too familiar in American politics. In New York, forces quickly mobilized to prey on the public’s worst fears by turning what we believe is a practical security measure into a referendum on immigration.Political opponents equated minimum-wage, undocumented dishwashers with Osama Bin Laden. Newspaper headlines equated a drivers’ license for an undocumented migrant laborers with a “Passport to Terror” and a “License to Kill.” Based on the New Yorkers I speak to each and every day, I feel confident in saying that this rhetoric is wildly out of step with mainstream values — doing nothing to offer solutions and everything to exploit fear.Nothing reflects the result of hyperpartisanship more than the current immigration debate, which has become so toxic that anytime a practical proposal is put forward, it is shot down before it can even be weighed on its merits.The consequence of this fear-mongering is paralysis. Here are the facts: Tomorrow, undocumented workers will not stop driving. The federal government is not going to deport one million undocumented workers from New York by the end of this year, any more than it did last year or the year before. And we can be sure that those who beat their chests the loudest will still have no solution at all.As attorney general, I often had to step into the enormous vacuum left by a federal government that did not embrace its most fundamental responsibilities. Whether it was ensuring fair play in the markets, protecting the environment, enforcing labor laws or product safety, time and again, the attorney general’s office was forced to step into the void left by federal inaction.As governor, it has not been much different. Whether it’s health care, climate change, education or, in this case immigration, states are feeling the brunt of federal abdication and conscious neglect of a problem that is crying out for a solution.But what I have learned here is that, while there are times when states should be laboratories, immigration is not one of them. It’s too complex and too macro a challenge to be solved by a patchwork of state policies. But the reality of 14 million undocumented immigrants nationwide and one million in New York isn’t going away. So my challenge to the federal government is this: fix it. Fix the problem so the states won’t face the local impact.With that, I look forward to getting back to an agenda that addresses the needs of all New Yorkers.Governor Eliot Spitzer

Judicial race subject to recount–Delaware County-6th Judicial District

The Daily Star reports a 600 vote ‘error” in counting the ballots for Molly Fitzgerald in the 6th Judicial District Supreme Court race. Votes are being counted today-absentees-we will see if the outcome is affected.  Read the entire article.