Fitzgerald Wins 6th J.D. Supreme Court Seat

The Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton) is reporting that Molly Fitzgerald will be the second Democratic woman elected to a NYS Supreme Court seat in the 6th J.D. of New York.  Her nearest opponent has conceded.  Congratulations to Judge-Elect Fitzgerald!!***The vote won’t be official until next week, but Schuyler County District Attorney Joseph G. Fazzary on Thursday afternoon conceded a close Supreme Court justice race to Molly Reynolds Fitzgerald, a Binghamton attorney.Fitzgerald, a 46-year-old Democrat, will be the third woman elected justice from the 10 counties comprising the 6th Judicial District.Election officials across the region counted thousands of absentee ballots Thursday, but results from more than half of the counties in the district won’t be final until next week, election officials said.As of Wednesday, Fitzgerald led Fazzary, a Republican, by just 301 votes, unofficial tallies indicated. But as the count progressed on Thursday, Fazzary conceded the race, saying the count to date was in Fitzgerald’s favor.  ***Read Entire Article 


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