Center for Constitutional Rights Appeal:

Tomorrow, December 5, the Center for Constitutional Rights will return to the Supreme Court for the most important case of this decade. This historic case – Al Odah v. United States – will in all likelihood determine once and for all whether the men detained at Guantánamo have the right to a fair trial before a real court.Read more about Al Odah v. United States here.All of us need to take action to make sure that our rights – and our Constitution – are rescued from the hands of the Bush administration, where they have been systematically shredded for the past seven years:

In 2004, CCR won the first Guantánamo Supreme Court case – Rasul v. Bush – when the Supreme Court sided with us and said the men at Guantánamo have basic rights, including the right to challenge their detention.This new case, three years later, goes Beyond Guantánamo – in it, we are directly challenging President Bush’s unprecedented power grab, his use of torture in violation of domestic and international law, and his assertion that he can hold anyone indefinitely anywhere in the world on his say-so alone.CCR’s “Beyond Guantánamo: Rescue the Constitution” campaign has been working to raise awareness about this historic case and the erosion of our constitutional freedoms.To do this, we’ve:

  • created short videos featuring well-known actors and activists such as Danny Glover, Eve Ensler, and Vanessa Redgrave talking about the importance of moving Beyond Guantánamo;
  • placed opinion pieces by our attorneys in prominent publications such as The Washington Post and conducted countless in-depth interviews with radio shows, magazines, and newspapers around the country;
  • and started an online campaign which resulted in almost 40,000 people sending copies of the Constitution to President Bush (we figured he needed a gentle reminder that he swore an oath to uphold it).

But we need your help: join us today and take action to Restore the Constitution. Let’s move Beyond Guantánamo. 


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