World Wildlife Fund/Toys for Tots

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Adopt an animal from the World Wildlife Fund, and you will get a cute plush toy version of your animal. Every donation you make to WWF helps save some of the world’s most endangered animals from extinction and supports WWF’s conservation efforts. We think this is a fabulous way to encourage conservation efforts, by encouraging a love of animals in children! And if you can’t think of a good benefactor for your stuffed owl, wolf, chimpanzee, or polar bear, you can donate your stuffed toy to a needy child through WWF’s toys for tots program$50 from World Wildlife Fund


2 Responses to “World Wildlife Fund/Toys for Tots”

  1. Mary Brandes Says:

    I have a small collection of Gund animal toys that WWF has sent me. They are made in China and I am wondering if I should give them to children, if they are safe. How can I be sure?

  2. lennyesq Says:

    I checked Gund’s website and they have a page for recalled toys:

    Style #58553 – Rumba Lion Activity Toy
    Style #58554 – Gazoo Giraffe Activity Toy
    Style #58555 – Wango Horse Activity Toy
    Style #58556 – Tippy Cow Activity Toy

    Each of these have rings attached which make break.

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