(please distribute far and wide)
January 6, 2008
Dear Impeachment Activists of Congressional District NY 22 (Hinchey),
Last month we distributed a letter to organizers of local and County impeachment efforts to gauge the interest in coordinating a Congressional District-wide campaign that develops and implements strategies over the next few months and beyond. From Ithaca to Kingston the response was very positive, so we are moving forward with our first planning meeting:
Saturday, January 19, Noon – 4:00 PM
Unitarian Universalist Church
183 Riverside Drive, Binghamton NY
We have worked at the municipal and County levels with great legislative success, and it is time we think more strategically and regionally over the next few critical months. Rather than seemingly “isolated” calls for impeachment, a district-wide campaign would make it very clear what the mainstream media andWashington leaders refuse to acknowledge: that there is overwhelming public support for defending and protecting the U.S. Constitution against a reckless, allegedly criminal administration. With calls for impeachment increasing both in Congress and in mainstream media, coordinating our efforts across the Congressional District would add volume and influence to our demands.
Please share this with key organizers in your County, and RSVP to bcimpeachment@yahoo.com at your earliest convenience. An agenda with more details will be mailed to those who respond with interest. As for now, please know that we will prepare and host lunch from Noon – 1:00 pm (allowing some social time), and then convene the meeting from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.
We congratulate and applaud the good patriots in District 22 for serving as bright lights in a time of darkness. Let us walk this difficult path together, with courage and compassion.
Tarik Abdelazim & Kevin Bunger
Co-coordinators of Broome County for Impeachment Campaign www.bcpeaceaction.org

*This proposal is co-sponsored by Broome County Peace Action and Broome County Veterans for Peace


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