Container House

The shipping container is the standard for shipping goods from place to place. Built to exacting specifications to withstand tremendous loads, maintain low internal temperatures efficiently and be weather tight enough to float if dropped overboard, these vessels of commerce make excellent building blocks for architecture. Even after many trips around the globe when they are retired from commerce, they still easily meet or exceed the building codes for construction. And as a net importer, the US ports are filled with them.This house incorporates three insulated containers into the design of this airy yet compact two bedroom house. Two forty foot containers are stacked on one side and a third is cut in half and stacked on the other creating protective walls for a two story atrium living room in the middle. Bedrooms in the upper containers are given added width with bay windows. A stair and a bridge through the atrium connect the two upper containers to the space below.The house, currently under construction, is infilling an empty lot overlooking a regional park in the eastern hills above San Francisco Bay.  


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