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Hi Folks,

I just wanted to give you an update on the recent tumult at Air America. As you may have heard Randi Rhodes was suspended by Air America management for inappropriate language she used during a stand up comedy routine she performed at an affiliate function in San Francisco.  I wouldn’t have done the bit she did, but I said on air that I didn’t think that based on the context of her comments, that the suspension was appropriate. Of course, management has the right to create and execute any policy they want.
After a week, Randi decided to quit Air America and move over to NovaM. Randi was Air America’s highest rated show by far and I think in many respects she was underappreciated by some of Air America’s management. Is she temperamental, free spoken, a goddess? Yes, of course. That’s what has made her a success in talk radio. Are those traits uncommon in the entertainment industry? All I know is that I have directed Gary Busey and Andy Dick — Randi Rhodes is not a problem child!

That said, Randi is gone, the 3-6pm slot is open and my Seder On Sunday contract is drawing to its end. I expect most affiliates will pickup Randi but 3-6 pm is a good time slot and some affiliates will be looking for a change. I’ve told Air America management I am interested (I suspect they already knew). 

Will you support me getting back on the air five days a week?

Robert Greenwald, creator of OutFoxed and proprietor of BraveNewFilms has set up a petition, will it make a difference if Air America knows that folks want me on the air? I don’t know, but it might!

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Want to do more? Send an email and let him know you’d like me on air 5 days a week!
In the meantime, I’ll update you as to what happens and what my plans are going forward and check and don’t forget when Marc Maron returns in a week from Australia we resume Seder V. Maron .. see past episodes here.