Don Barber Calls for Strong Measures on Environment–Highlights Opponent’s Anti-Environment Record

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For Immediate Release

Date: April 22, 2008

Contact: Michael Blaine, 607-278-9910

 In an Earth Day address at Hartwick College today, state Senate candidate

Don Barber (D-Caroline) declared that the time has come to confront climate

change in our region. Barber, a successful businessman and farmer, said,

“Everybody cares about what’s going to happen to their land, to their town,

to their children and grandchildren. They know the threats we face, and they

know we have to take action now.”


Barber sharply criticized eleven-term incumbent, Sen. Jim Seward

(R-Milford), for opposing numerous pro-environment bills in the 2007

legislative session.  “Unfortunately, Mr. Seward’s record on the environment

is more George Bush than Teddy Roosevelt,” Barber said. Pointing to the

incumbent’s Senate leadership role as Majority Whip, Barber went on to say,

“Right now the New York State Senate is where good environmental legislation

goes to die.” 


Barber cited the Wetlands Protection Act, the Bottle Bill and the Burn

Barrel Bill as examples among many that the state Senate killed in committee

or never brought to the floor.


Declaring that he was “unashamedly passionate about our environment,” Barber

laid out a detailed plan to curb carbon emissions and develop a new

alternative energy economy. Conservation is a key element in Barber’s

pro-environment blueprint.


“Conservation has to be the topic at every dinner table, every cocktail

party, every conference, everywhere. When we put conservation into effect,

it will save us money and reduce greenhouse gases,” Barber remarked.


Barber believes that upstate New York will produce great quantities of

clean, renewable energy from a variety of sources. “In upstate New York we

can produce many renewable, sustainable energy sources: solar, wind, capture

methane, biomass ethanol-not food source ethanol-and in-stream hydro.”


Barber favors local control and ownership of energy projects. In a recent

profile, he pointed to his “community wind” initiative in the Town of

Caroline as an example.


“Don Barber’s race for the Senate is a key part of the Democrats’ strategy

to take the Senate in this election,” Campaign Manager Tarah Rowse said.

“With only a two-seat majority, the Republicans are barely clinging to

power, and the incumbent’s anti-environment record is coming out now. It’s

documented in the public record. He can’t deny it and keep his credibility.”