From UUA Washington Office for Advocacy: Iraq Supplemental – Sign the Open Letter to Rep. Murtha

The latest information on future Iraq war funding is that Democratic House leadership is moving toward putting a “clean” Iraq war funding bill onto the floor of the House for an up-or-down vote that would provide the administration with $170 billion dollars for the remainder of this fiscal year (September 30) and into the next. This would make this supplemental the last Iraq war funding bill to hit the floor of the House and Senate before the November elections.
So far 50,000 of you have signed onto the open letter to Congressman John Murtha, Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense. This letter, coordinated by the Win Without War Coalition, calls for Chairman Murtha to “draft a new supplemental appropriations bill that will direct the president to immediately begin the orderly removal of all U.S troops from Iraq.” Your activism has been noticed, as earlier this week, the letter was quoted in a Washington Post story.

It now appears that the supplemental will come to the floor of the House during the week of May 5. With this in mind, the deadline for signatures on the open letter has been extended to next Thursday, May 1st. So you have one more week to add your name and gather other signatures for the Open Letter to Chairman Murtha on

Throughout this supplemental appropriations process, it is important to remember that Congress DOES have the power to change US policy in Iraq, but they are not going to do it without more direct pressure from their constituents. We look forward to partnering with you to apply as much direct pressure as possible. 

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