Conservatives Live in a Different Moral Universe — And Here’s Why It Matters

An interesting article.  The premise:  “…Liberals and conservatives have highly different moral priorities. And we have to understand them if we want to accomplish anything…” is far too accommodating for my taste; but I suspect Haidt would attribute my attitude to my problems with authority and my lack of group loyalty.


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Best Practices for Getting Democrats Elected to office

will present
Best Practices for Getting Democrats Elected to office
Holiday Inn ~ Oneonta ~ April 22 ~ 6 -8 pm
This is a FREE presentation and is being held in conjunction with the Delaware County Democratic Committee.  Chairs Cindy Lockrow-Schimmerling (Delaware) and Ed Lentz (Otsego) urge Democrats from Delaware and Otsego to attend.
“Cindy Lockrow and Tom Schimmerling, from the DCDC, and I spent nearly 3 hours with Assemblyman Joe Morelle at the Monroe County DC HQ in Rochester.  Joe is also chair of the MCDC.  The system they have in place for electing Dems is incredible.” – Chairman Ed Lentz (Otsego)
“It is truly an honor for the Assemblyman to agree to speak to us (at no charge) and I feel the information he will share will help us to move forward in our own efforts to turn Delaware County blue.” – Chairwoman Cindy Lockrow- Schimmerling (Delaware)