Congressman Hinchey Appears on MSNBC to Discuss Regulating the Financial Sector

Congressman Hinchey appears on Morning Meeting to discuss the banking industry issues currently facing Congress. Video Courtesy of MSNBC.


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New Zealand Labour Leader Phil Goff on Afghanistan


The US faces some critical decisions on Afghanistan, and is considering a range of options.

I pointed out Labour’s position to senior State Dept officials – we believe we were right to send our SAS in December 2001 to help drive Al Qaeda out of Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11 and we are committed to winning hearts and minds through our Provincial Reconstruction Team.

Such development assistance is vital, though we face challenges when Afghanistan’s government is widely regarded as being corrupt. Our goal of a stable Afghanistan remains and we will continue to do all we can to help. The challenge is how best to add lasting value to that country without alienating the very people we are trying to assist.

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