Matt Ryan Re-elected Mayor of Binghamton

Dear Friends,

The absentee votes are in, and we have great news:

We’ve won!

The final tally has Matt 108 votes ahead of Rich David, our nearest challenger. While the official count will take several weeks more, the outcome is clear, and Mr. David has graciously conceded the race.

Our victory is great news, and a credit to everyone who joined in our grassroots campaign. We showed we can achieve anything by coming together.

We’ve taken the same community-based approach since the 2005 campaign, and it has put us on the right track. There’s no question that Binghamton’s becoming more vital and more vibrant, from our downtown core throughout all our neighborhoods.

We’re now poised to build on this momentum for four more years. We’re prepared to ensure our City works for all of us. We’re ready to continue building our future together.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for standing with us. In an election this close, every phone call, every face to face conversation, and every donated dollar is essential for victory.  And it’s thanks to you that Matt won.  We look forward to celebrating victory with you.


Friends of Matt Ryan


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