Bow-gate Poll Favorable to Obama Not Aired By Faux News

Did you see this on Kos today?

The Fox, the bow-gate poll, and the crickets
by Jed Lewison
Fri Nov 20, 2009 at 11:10:03 AM PST

So Fox conducts a poll on whether or not Americans approve of President
Obama’s bow while meeting the Emperor of Japan. Given that they attacked
President Obama mercilessly over the bow on Monday, it’s likely they wanted
to excoriate him once again, this time using poll results showing how much
America hated the bow.

But there’s a problem for Fox: it turns out their very own poll shows
Americans don’t have a problem with bow-gate. Indeed, 67% said they think it
is appropriate for the American president “to bow to a foreign leader if
that is the country’s custom” and only 26% felt it was “never appropriate
for the president to bow to another leader.”

Perhaps the most notable thing is not just that Fox failed to manufacture
outrage over bow-gate, it’s that as I can tell, Fox never put their poll on
the air. I’ve searched through their transcripts and watched much of their
coverage since the poll was released in a PDF on their website, seen by
approximately 5 people from their target audience of conservatives.

Perhaps Fox should change their slogan: we report and you decide, but only
if it’s something that we think will make you hate President Obama.

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Ron B.


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