PFAW: Telebriefing on Citizens United v. FEC

Today, the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in Citizens United v. FEC. In a testament to the right-wing activism of the Roberts Court, the conservative bloc of Justices ruled 5-4 against previous Court precedent and the long-established principle that the government can act in the interest of democracy to prevent corporations from pouring in billions of dollars to unduly influence elections.

Friend of the organization, Maryland State Senator and American University Constitutional law professor Jamin Raskin has agreed to do a telebriefing tomorrow for People For the American Way supporters to explain what this important decision means for the future of elections and what it tells us about the Court.

The telebriefing will be tomorrow (Friday), January 22 at 1:30pm Eastern Time.

Sign up for the telebriefing now.

You’ll receive the necessary call-in information shortly after you are confirmed.

Thank you for your support of People For the American Way and of a fair and independent federal judiciary.

— Ben Betz, Online Communications Manager

P.S. You can read our press release in response the Citizens United decision here.


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