Fitzgerald Wins 6th J.D. Supreme Court Seat

The Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton) is reporting that Molly Fitzgerald will be the second Democratic woman elected to a NYS Supreme Court seat in the 6th J.D. of New York.  Her nearest opponent has conceded.  Congratulations to Judge-Elect Fitzgerald!!***The vote won’t be official until next week, but Schuyler County District Attorney Joseph G. Fazzary on Thursday afternoon conceded a close Supreme Court justice race to Molly Reynolds Fitzgerald, a Binghamton attorney.Fitzgerald, a 46-year-old Democrat, will be the third woman elected justice from the 10 counties comprising the 6th Judicial District.Election officials across the region counted thousands of absentee ballots Thursday, but results from more than half of the counties in the district won’t be final until next week, election officials said.As of Wednesday, Fitzgerald led Fazzary, a Republican, by just 301 votes, unofficial tallies indicated. But as the count progressed on Thursday, Fazzary conceded the race, saying the count to date was in Fitzgerald’s favor.  ***Read Entire Article 


Judicial race subject to recount–Delaware County-6th Judicial District

The Daily Star reports a 600 vote ‘error” in counting the ballots for Molly Fitzgerald in the 6th Judicial District Supreme Court race. Votes are being counted today-absentees-we will see if the outcome is affected.  Read the entire article.   

Vote Democrat in Delaware County-New York

The Delaware County Democratic Committee is proud to present a total of 31 qualified candidates, in 11 towns, all of whom have a great interest in bettering their respective communities, for election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. We hope that you have had the chance to meet the candidates in your town while they have been campaigning, and that you will consider pulling their levers on Row A, when you go into the voting booth.

The candidates are as follows:

Andes _ Town Council, four years, Dale Cole and Fred Cubero.

Bovina _ Town Council, two years, Evelyn Stewart; Superintendent of Highways, Edward Weber.

Davenport _ Supervisor, Dennis Valente; Superintendent of Highways, Joseph Jarvis Jr.

Hamden _ Supervisor, Wayne Marshfield; Town Council, Ben Krom-Braen.

Hancock _ Town Clerk, Melody Oliver; Town Council, William Weyrauch.

Meredith _ Supervisor, Keitha Capouya; Town Council, Ronald Bailey and Daniel Birnbaum; Town Clerk, Betsy Clark; Town Justice, Nejla Camponeschi; Collector, Louise Utter.

Middletown _ Town Clerk, Russell Schebesta; Town Council, Brian Sweeney; Town Justice, Gary Rosa; Superintendent of Highways, William Russell; Assessor, Gary Marks.

Roxbury _ Supervisor, Thomas Hynes; Town Clerk, Diane Pickett; Town Council, Edward Raeder and Stephen Walker; Collector, Joan Moore.

Stamford _ Supervisor, Kelly Keck; Town Council, Barbara Doyle.

Walton _ Town Council, Richard DuMond Jr.

On the ballot, you will also find three races for Supreme Court Justice in the 6th Judicial District, which includes Delaware County. We have three very well-prepared and experienced lawyers who would appreciate your vote for this very important position. The candidates _ Donald Cerio, Molly Fitzgerald and Richard Rich _ have committed themselves to being of service to Delaware County and the entire 10-county district.

Cynthia Lockrow


Lockrow is chair of the Delaware County Democratic Committee.

Keep Uncertified Touchscreen Voting Machines Out Of New York State

The New York State Board of Elections has proposed a dangerous plan that would allow uncertified touchscreens (also known as “Direct Recording Electronics” or DRE’s) to be used in polling places around the state in 2008. 


The proposal would allow touchscreens to be used without undergoing the full certification testing required under New York State’s regulations. Citizens fought hard for 4 years for NY’s stringent testing requirements, but touchscreen sellers are using this ploy as a way to get around them. 


The Board’s proposal would allow a touchscreen to be used in each polling place as an “accessible voting machine” for the blind and voters with other disabilities. The touchscreen’s ATM-style paper trail would be used as these voters’ official ballot. But since a touchscreen’s paper trail cannot be read by many disabled voters–especially the blind–this defeats the whole purpose of “accessibility” for the blind. 


The Board’s proposal would bypass the full and thorough testing process that was guaranteed to New York State voters after our exhaustive lobbying efforts. In light of all we have learned from other states about the massive failures of touchscreens, we can’t allow this to happen. 


WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK, the State Board will finalize documents that would allow touchscreens to be used in very polling place in New York State in 2008 without undergoing full and rigorous testing. If this happens, it will condemn New York State voters to years of the same problems, high costs, and security risks that other states using touchscreens have experienced. 


The State Board of Elections is opening the door to making New York a touchscreen state – we can’t let that happen. 




Click HERE to easily send a fax to the New York State Board of Elections.


Bo Lipari


Executive Director, New Yorkers for Verified Voting


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Republican Culture of Corruption: 2007 So Far

With thanks to: Republicans were swept out of power in 2006, they blamed the Mark Foley scandal for their losses and declared an end to Republican scandals.So how’s that working out?Here’s a list of Republicans scandals through August 2007. The Republican “culture of corruption” is worse than ever!Keep this list handy and send it to any Republicans you know who think their party’s scandals are behind them. Source–Senate Guru 2008:



[Cross-posted at my DKos diary.]Does it seem like there’s a new Republican scandal in the news every single week? Well, that may be because there is:January 23, 2007: Republican radio personality Scott Eller Cortelyou of Denver arrested on suspicion of using the Internet to lure a child into a sexual relationshipJanuary 29, 2007: Republican former Jefferson County, Colorado, Treasurer Mark Paschall indicted on two felony charges “in connection with an allegation that Paschall solicited a kickback from a bonus he awarded one of his employees”January 31, 2007: Republican Congressman Gary Miller is named by Republicans as ranking member of oversight subcommittee of House Financial Services Committee despite the FBI’s investigation into his land dealsFebruary 14, 2007: Major Republican fundraiser Brent Wilkes and former CIA executive director Kyle “Dusty” Foggo are indicted by a grandy jury for corrupting CIA contractsFebruary 16, 2007: Major Republican donor Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari, aka Michael Mixon, is indicted in federal court on charges of providing material support to terroristsMarch 5, 2007: Ethics complaint filed against Republican Senator Pete Domenici for his role in the Attorney Purge scandalMarch 6, 2007: I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, former chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney found guilty of obstruction of justice and perjuryMarch 8, 2007: Republican former U.S. Congressman and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich admits to extramarital affairMarch 23, 2007: Former Deputy Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles, an oil and gas lobbyist who became an architect of George W. Bush’s energy policies, pleads guilty to obstructing justice by lying to a Senate committeeMarch 27, 2007: Criminal charges filed against Republican Pennsylvania State Senator Robert Regola in connection with the death of a teenage neighbor who was shot with the senator’s gun; he is accused of three counts of perjury, allowing possession of a firearm by a minor, recklessly endangering another person and false swearingMarch 27, 2007: Ronald Reagan’s budget director, David Stockman, “indicted on charges of defrauding investors and banks of $1.6 billion while chairman of Collins & Aikman Corp., an auto parts maker that collapsed days after he quit”March 28, 2007: Robert Vellanoweth, a Republican activist and appointee of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is arrested on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter and felony driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, after a crash that killed three adults and one childApril 18, 2007: The FBI raids the home of Republican Congressman John Doolittle, investigating his ties to Jack AbramoffApril 19, 2007: The FBI raids a business tied to the family of Republican Congressman Rick Renzi, as part of an investigation into his business dealingsApril 23, 2007: The FBI questions Republican Congressman Tom Feeney about his dealings with Jack AbramoffApril 23, 2007: Federal auditors find repeat violations of federal election law from the 2004 Senate campaign of Republican Senator Mel MartinezApril 26, 2007: David Huckabee, son of Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, is arrested at an Arkansas airport after a federal X-ray technician detected a loaded gun in his carry-on luggageMay 4, 2007: Bruce Weyhrauch and Pete Kott, former Alaska state Republican legislators, were arrested and accused of soliciting and accepting bribes from the corrupt VECO CorporationMay 4, 2007: Republican state Assemblyman Michael Cole is censured and stripped of his leadership position after the married father of two spent the night at a 21-year-old intern’s apartmentMay 11, 2007: A field coordinator for Republican Congressman Patrick McHenry is indicted for voter fraud in North CarolinaMay 12, 2007: NBC News breaks the story that the FBI is investigating Republican Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons for suspicion of accepting bribes in exchange for securing government contractsMay 15, 2007: Connecticut Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy is arrested for drunk driving (he pled no contest on June 1, but didn’t publicly disclose the event until June 11)May 18, 2007: Republican former South Dakota State Representative Ted Klaudt is charged with eight counts of second-degree rape, two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, one count of sexual contact with a child younger than 16, two counts of witness tampering and one count of stalking against two foster children in his careMay 21, 2007: Republican state Senate candidate Mark Tate is indicted on nine counts of perjury and two counts of election fraud by a grand juryJune 11, 2007: Republican Senator Larry Craig is arrested for lewd conduct in the men’s bathroom of an airportJune 19, 2007: South Carolina Republican state Treasurer and South Carolina Chairman of Giuliani for President Thomas Ravenel is indicted by a grand jury on cocaine distribution chargesJuly 2, 2007: President George W. Bush commutes the sentence of former Cheney Chief of Staff I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby following Libby’s conviction on obstruction of justice and perjuryJuly 3, 2007: A grand jury report declares that the sale of public land to Republican Congressman Ken Calvert and his business partners violated the lawJuly 11, 2007: Republican state Representative and Florida co-Chairman of McCain for President Bob Allen is arrested for soliciting a male undercover police officer, offering to pay $20 to perform oral sexJuly 16, 2007: Republican Senator David Vitter holds press conference acknowledging being on the D.C. Madam’s list and past involvement with prostitutesJuly 16, 2007: Story breaks that Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski was involved in a sweetheart real estate dealJuly 19: Republican former state legislator Coy Privette is charged with six counts of aiding and abetting prostitution July 24, 2007: Michael Flory, former head of the Michigan Federation of Young Republicans, pleads guilty to sexual abuseJuly 26, 2007: Media report that Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski will sell back land purchased in a sweetheart deal, following close scrutiny of the shady transactionJuly 29, 2007: Glenn Murphy Jr., recently-elected Chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, is accused of sexually assaulting a sleeping manJuly 30, 2007: The FBI and IRS raid the home of Republican Senator Ted Stevens following investigations into Stevens’ dealings with the corrupt VECO CorporationAugust 2, 2007: Bush administration senior adviser Karl Rove disregards a Congressional subpoena and refuses to testify before the Senate Judiciary CommitteeAugust 6, 2007: Investigation called for after House Republican Leader John Boehner leaked classified information regarding a secret court ruling over warrantless wiretappingAugust 8, 2007: Republican Senator Larry Craig pleads guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct following his June 11 arrestAugust 9, 2007: Major Republican donor Alan Fabian is charged with 23 counts of bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice, and perjuryAugust 15, 2007: Republican state House candidate Angelo Cappelli is arrested for perjury and grand theftAugust 22, 2007: Republican political consultant Roger Stone resigns his role with the New York state Senate Republicans after reports surfaced that he made a “threatening, obscenity-laced” phone call to the 83-year-old father of Governor Eliot SpitzerAugust 27, 2007: Story breaks that Republican Senator Larry Craig was arrested and pled guilty – he had not publicly disclosed the events to that pointThat seems like an awful lot of corruption, scandal, hypocrisy, impropriety, and jail-worthy crime, huh? A lot of corruption. One might say an entire Culture of Corruption.



All Politics Are Local–Stamford, New York–Keck for Town Supervisor

Dear Friends of Keck,

Please help me help us!

During my run for the New York State Assembly last year, I learned many things visiting all thirty-four towns within the 107th Assembly District. I learned that we are fortunate to have so many hard-working families that believe in the importance of community. I learned that our history, our culture, and our future should be preserved. I learned that many people do not care with which party a candidate is affiliated as long as that candidate is responsive to the needs of their constituency. I learned that many people believe that our political system is broken and cannot be fixed. I learned that all politics are local. This is why I have decided to run for Stamford Town Supervisor. 

I believe that the collective resources and wisdom among our concerned citizens have positioned us to change the focus of our own local government. We are beginning to feel the pressure of encroaching large-scale development, which is fueled and paid for by powerful outside interests. The proposed industrial wind turbine project has shed much needed light on the importance of sound local governance. I have heard from Republicans and Democrats alike that what they want most is to be heard. They would like to engage in an interactive dialog with their elected officials, but this has not been the case. If I were Town Supervisor, that would be the first thing to change. I believe in an open and transparent process of governing.

I agree with those who think that our political system is broken, but I do not agree that it can not be fixed.  We can fix it if we honestly work together toward goals that we can agree upon.  Energy conservation, renewable resources, and community visioning are just three of our common issues.  We can do this work together, but right now I could use your help.  Running a campaign takes a considerable financial investment.  Lawn signs, letters, postage, booth rental fees are all very important.  Please consider donating $10, $20 or even $100 to my campaign for Stamford Town Supervisor.

 If you would like to find out more about me or why I am running for Stamford Town Supervisor,  or to send a contribution please write to Friends of Keck, 2515 Tower Mountain Road, Stamford, NY 12167 or call me at (607) 267-0321 and let us begin the process of developing this vision in November. Some say that it will be difficult, but I say that it is not impossible!


Kelly Keck


 “It is our task in our time and in our generation, to hand down undiminished to those who come after us, as was handed down to us by those who went before, the natural wealth and beauty which is ours.”- John F. Kennedy