Stevens Pardon Request


KTUU-TV has learned that Sen. Lisa Murkowski has made a request with President Bush to pardon Sen. Ted Stevens on his recent conviction.


Below is the TechCrunch Guide to the Inauguration, a collection of links and apps that will help you make the most out of the inauguration.

Where To Watch

There will be plenty of livestreams of the Inauguration at all the media sites mentioned above. Some of the sites offering livestreams include:

Hulu: will also be using Hulu’s stream.
C-Span: Washington D.C.’s video standby will have four live feeds to choose from. Partnering with Facebook so you can see your friends’ status updates while watching.
Current TV : Will add a Twitterstream to its coverage. This stream will also be available on your iPhone, great for those along the parade route too far away to see the main stage.
—Starbucks and movie theaters: For those who cannot make it to Washington, MSNBC is hosting screenings of the inauguration in movie theaters and Starbucks across the country (although it looks as though these are already sold out).

Where To Stay

CrashTheInauguration: If you are going to Washington, D.C. and still don’t have a room, you might find a couch to sleep on at CrashTheInauguration. And if you are lucky they might even serve youObama O’s for breakfast.

Where To Share

—Twitter: Just search for “inauguration” or “Obama”. The chatter has already started.

NPR Inauguration Report: Run by NPR’s social media desk, it will be collecting dispatches from spectators via Twitter, Flicr, YouTube, and text message. All Tweets or text messages that start with “#inaug09″ or “#dctrip09″ will be included in NPR’s feed, as well as Flickr photos and YouTube videos tagged “inaug09″ or “dctrip09.” There are also an accompanying iPhone and Android apps called IR09, Inauguration Report 2009 (more details here).

CNN/Microsoft 3D Photosynth: People at the inauguration can upload their photos and Microosft will combine them into a 3D panoramic Photosynth (more details here).

Citizen’s Briefing Book: Got a policy suggestion for the transition team? Submit one or vote for the best ones at

Where Were You?: A video contest sponsored by Memelabs that will let people share where they were on this historic day.

iPhone Apps and Follow-up

— Stream the inauguration to your iPhone (see above).

—Inauguration Report 2009: Submit your own report to NPR with text, photos, or audio. Reports post straight to NPR’s Inauguration feed (see above).

—PointAbout 2009 Presidential Inauguration Guide: Free app with a countdown to the inauguration, distance to the inauguration steps, and lets you navigate Washington, D.C. with maps of public transport, parking, fre WiFi zones, and a Zagat’s restuarant guide for the city.

—Change (U.S.) Politics (iTunes link). Cast your approval rating of the Obama administration across 14 issues

—PolitFact’s Obameter: Obama made more than 500 promises during the election campaign. Track how many he keeps with the Obameter.

Obama Meets with “Liberals”

I’m not sure how really progressive these folks are…but for whatever it’s worth Obama meets with “Liberals”.

I feel good about Rachel Maddow.  IMHO the others are maybe moderate Democrats at best.

Obama and Conservatives Break Bread at George Will’s House

Tell me again why I voted for Obama and change?  It sure as hell wasn’t to send him to Washington to hobnob with the enemy.  I hope he had a food taster with him.

Read all about it here.

I  wonder when the progressive dinner is scheduled?

Team Obama is a slap in the face to his own base

I guess its time to wake up and smell the caffeinated beverage of your choice. So says Alexander Cockburn:

There is precious little among the President-elect’s choices to reward the progressives who worked their hearts out to put him in office

Read his thoughts on the Obama picks here.

NYTIMES: Richardson Said to Withdraw as Commerce Secretary Nominee

I wonder who will replace him.  Probably a DLCer, who thinks he/she can work with the Repubs.


Breaking News Alert

The New York Times
Sunday, January 4, 2009 — 1:54 PM ET

Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico has withdrawn his name as
the commerce secretary nominee because of an investigation
and President-elect Barack Obama has accepted, NBC News and
The Associated Press reported. According to The A.P., a
federal grand jury is investigating how a California company
that contributed to Mr. Richardson’s political activities won
a lucrative New Mexico state contract.

Read More:

More Republicans than Progressives (Liberals)

While we’re at it, could somebody explain why there are more Republicans than Progressives (Liberals) in the President-Elect’s cabinet? I’ve watched and waited; but, as the number of cabinet vacancies dwindled, it became clear that there is no place for the “Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party” in the new administration.