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Don’t Let Blue Dogs Take Over House Leadership

Democrats suffered serious losses last Tuesday, but no one was hit harder than the corporatist Blue Dogs. Over half their members are gone. Apparently, being the GOP’s best friends on issue after issue wasn’t the political winner they claimed it was.

But getting drubbed hasn’t made the Blue Dogs humble. Now, they have Nancy Pelosi in their sights, demanding she step down as Democratic Leader in the House. The Blue Dogs want to replace her with one of their own, so they can deliver our entire party to Wall Street.

Don’t let the Blue Dogs take over. Sign the petition letting Nancy Pelosi know she has your support as Democratic Leader in the House:

Rep Grayson on why Dems didn’t vote

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Vote for Maurice Hinchey-November 2d

GOP and foreign interests are trying to steal democracy

Maurice Hinchey & Bill Clinton

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Congressman Maurice Hinchey

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President Bill Clinton

Monday, October 11th

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Holiday Inn Arena

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