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01-Dec-07 and running through 24-Dec-07, five different developerswill offer a 20 percent discount off their normal pricing duringthat 24-hour period (Pacific Standard Time).

After the day on which they’re featured on the MacSanta home page,all products will be offered at a 10-percent discount, through31-Dec-07. The site has an RSS feed to which you can subscribe inorder to receive updates as they appear.


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DFA Says Call Gov. Spitzer About CHIP

Call Governor Spitzer right now and demand that New York stands up to President Bush’s anti-children campaign.

Governor Eliot Spitzer518 474-7516

Here’s what you can say:“President Bush’s new rules which reduce the availability of the Children’s Health Insurance Program for uninsured kids must be repealed. Governor Spitzer must call President Bush today and demand a complete rollback of the new rules. Can I count on the governor to stand up for our kids?”

Please report how your call went here:

New York Times to End Paid Web Service

 By REUTERS Published: August 07, 2007 11:40 AM ET NEW YORK(full text via E&P)  The New York Times Co. plans to stop charging Internet users for access to its columnists and Op-Ed pieces on a section of its Web site known as TimesSelect, The New York Post reported on Tuesday. The Post, citing a source briefed on the matter, said a decision had been made by top Times executives. The timing of when the service would become free depends on technical issues, including revamping the software surrounding that section of the site, according to the Post report.****So much for paying for the likes of Dowd and Freidman.